Joel and Niklas decided to create Skira in 2016, after they had contacted a friend who worked within the agriculture business. He gave a clear insight in what problems the business faced and Niklas could easily see how the problems could be solved: using modern technology and mathematics. They would later on take inspiration from Farmer’s Business Network in the states.

Niklas has been working as a trainee at Microsoft and Joel used to work for Spotify and Google. Today they are both working fulltime with Skira, under the titles CEO and CTO.

Skira is an agricultural network that provides its members with deeper knowledge and insight in the Swedish grain market. Today Skira is providing a service to around 200 farmers, gathering price information and giving back an index as support during negotiations for the users. Their focus aims to create smart models for the entire agricultural community and the goal is to have the agriculture leading the technical development, creating new innovations.


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