Robotic Lawn Care

Robotic Lawn Care (RLC) was founded in 2016 by two brothers – Kalle Andersson and Per Andersson – with the mission that Sweden’s municipalities and other users with big grass surfaces will replace their ride-on lawn mowers with RLC robotic mowers. In some cases in order to live up to environmental goals or/and to reduce cost. Both of the brothers have long experience of entrepreneurship and driving businesses. Kalle Andersson has worked with robotic mowers since 1995 and his brother as an entrepreneur in the life science technology sphere and has lots of experience with patents. The idea behind the company came when Kalle saw that the newest technique from robotic mowers could open up for a new way of using the robots on bigger areas for professional mowing and started to develop it with his brother. RLC replaces fossil fuel-driven lawn mowers with fleets of battery driven quiet robot lawn mowers that mowes multiple lawns. The company develops systems with existing robots and modifies them for maximum utilization. As a result, the operator time decreases by 75%, which means lower costs, lower or no CO2 emissions, no noise and minimizing the risk for injuries compared to traditional methods. Robotic Lawn Care has a patent pending for the system.

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