Olof Ermis is the founder and CEO of Ochno AB, a company that we proudly can present is leading in Sweden within USB C technology. Olof has a Master of Science in Computer Engineering and among many prestigious positions developing computer technology he has also drawn, constructed and built his own house. The company, founded in July 2016, develops and sells an innovative platform that enables 1000s USB C devices to communicate between each other and the cloud while sharing power between them. The uniqueness of the USB C standard is that it delivers both power, internet, video and all previous communication standards imaginable. Olof, with his experience in the technology saw that the new USB C standard has possibilities to replace certain infrastructures in building houses by getting more cost-effective and integrate higher flexibility. Typical applications that the Ochno platform can be used in include for instance LED lighting, smart nano-grid, solar photovoltaic- and charging solutions. Ochno will launch a development kit in the summer of 2017. If your company is interested in knowing more about how the USB C can be used to improve your existing products or solutions, please contact Ochno AB.



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