Novige AB

Jan has a background as an officer and has been a pilot for 25 years, 22 of them flying for SAS. Meanwhile Jan was flying he also ran another real estate project between the years of 2001–2008. He later sold that land to NCC, and from that business Jan was able to work full time though Novige AB, with his wave power concept Waverider. His vision: to provide the world with green energy from the oceans.

Today Novige AB has two patents on wave energy technology. So far, the numbers are on a completely different level than any of the ones showed in sun, wave or wind power units on our latitudes. Preliminary calculations estimate an average efficiency per unit of 2-3MW, as well as being capable of producing power of preliminary much lower cost than offshore wind power. Rated power 10 MW, equal to the world’s largest wind power unit.

Jan is currently collaborating with Create who is helping them with their business strategy, and SynerLeap to develop the Waverider concept further. They are also working with two Universities that together are creating prototypes for the company under 2018.


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