Nolbi is the abbreviation for No Language Barrier Instrument. The company was founded in the autumn of 2016 and provides a high-tech IVR and cloud-based solution that offers digital real-time interpretation. The service can be used in telephone conversations and in physical meetings between people. While providing the solution the service is available 24 hours a day, is not dependent on third parties and provides direct communication between people without common language. The service is built to bridge language barriers and has no geographical limitations which makes the innovation directly suitable for the international market. The four founders of the company have all different backgrounds; Doctor Shemal Celiker who is specialized in the area of ears, nose and throat, Maria Bergström who is a business developer, Per Weitz who is a chief doctor in the region of Västmanland and Sangar Vaziri who is a sales manager. NOLBI has a huge development potential as it can be used as easily in France, as in the United States, as in Hong Kong as in Västerås. NOLBI got the prize as most innovative startup in 2017 by Vinnova.



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