HR2 Systems – Mentor

HR2 Systems has developed a cloud-based IT support system, called Mentor, for employee development with the focus to promote long-term and sustainable work-situation for both employees and managers.

When coaching, it is very common for the company to only look at the history, what has been done and not done.

With the system Mentor you work partly with the history, but above all with focus on what to do to achieve the goals set. With Mentor, the leader ensure that development is constant and that everyone has the same picture of what the goals are.

All leaders within the company are developing employees in the same direction, and managers are easy to find out who needs coaching or training more – and within what.

The company’s employee development is quality assured.

Through a license in Mentor, you can benchmark departments between each other and also perform sales audits to learn how your company stands against other companies.



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