Food 2 Change

Every year tons of fully edible food go to waste because of broken packaging or best before dates that recently passed. Richard Lundgren took the initiative to Food 2 Change when he started thinking about how one could solve this problem. With help from co-founders Anna Lindbäck and Elisabeth Gunnarsson the non-profit association soon was created. The main purpose is to save edible food from going to waste while at the same time, within a membership that costs 500 kr per half year, give people with a low income a chance to get grocery bags with both food and other necessities once a week. Food 2 change works with social entrepreneurship, making people with economical difficulties heroes while saving the planet from tons of unnecessary food waste – and at the same time saving the supermarkets from some garbage collector costs. Until today Food 2 Change has kept 37 tons of food from not being wasted.



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