Chillwind Technologies

Peter Nilsson is the CEO of Chillwind which is a decommissioning of his own company APR Technologies. Before founding APR Technologies Nilsson was in the start up of ÅAC Microtec and have experience from working with miniaturization of satellite systems for Ångström Space Technology Center at Uppsala University and NASA/JPL in the United States. Chillwind was founded in 2015 by Peter Nilsson together with the ones working within APR Technologies. The idea behind Chillwind was to commercialize a revolutionary, low cost and efficient way of cooling microelectronics such as computers, LED lights, TVs, laptops, routers, servers etc. Based on a proven cooling solution used in the space industry, developed by the founders of Chillwind, the company has a new patented and patent pending component that helps cooling microelectronics. The solution has among other things both lower cost and size compared to its competitors in the business. The plan is to accelerate the business and take on the stock market within five years.


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