Byte Motion

This company was created in 2017 from their collaboration with ABB under their other company Suncom. Their latest product Exobot was created with the goal to offer the best platform for telerobotics and telepresence for both industry and private homes.

The biggest dream for this company is to introduce robots in to our homes and also find new areas of use for robots in the industry. Telepresence as important part of smart homes can be improved with Exobot support for telerobotics. Robots within our homes can enable various on demand services as well as activities that would require immediate presence through telepresence.

The founders are Tommy and Haris. Tommy previously worked as a computer consultant and has been in the business for over 20 years, with experience from both the telecom- and finance business. Haris has over 15 years of experience within IT and used to work as a researcher, developer and manager. All mostly within the telecom-world. They both believes that telepresence will empower future services market for which Exobot can provide SW advantage even today.


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